Document of National Training Workshop in Cambodia

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Table of contents

List of Participants

Information note

Group picture of the training

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Overview of the project and training

The SPS and TBT Agreement and International Standards

An introduction to Codex & basic principles of standards development  (Code of Good Practice for standards development )

Risk analysis and its relation to standards setting

Codex standards setting procedure and activities


Current situation of national standard setting in Cambodia

Role of National Standards Body for standards development and relationship with regulatory standards

Management of Codex work at the national level: Structures, systems and procedures


Role and functions of the National Codex Committee

Role and functions of the Codex Contact Point

national codex contact point

Standardization structure and Activities of countries in ASEAN Region – A status summary

National capacity of Thailand with regard to standards activities both Codex and National

Developing national capacities for effective implementation of regulations – Indonesian experience

Participation in Codex work, critical issues and considerations

Preparing for Codex meetings, what’s involved

Proposing and leading new work in Codex

Data Collection and utilization for Standard setting (both national and international) case study MRL

Group work -1

Group work -2

Group A presentation

Group B presentation

Group A action plan

Group B action plan



The 1st National Training Workshop has been completed successfully in Cambodia.

The FAO National Training Workshop:“Strengthening Food Standard Setting and participation in Codex activities in Cambodia” has been completed at 21 February 2014 in InterContinental Phnom Penh after 2 and half day schedule. The main objective of the training workshop was to enhance capacity for food safety standards setting including contributing to Codex standards work. Specific objectives of this training course were as follows;
1) To understand the importance and principles of SPS/TBT in relation to standards development Agreements
2) To enhance understanding of  basic concept of Codex risk analysis framework and its link to standard development
3) To enhance knowledge about Codex standards setting structure, procedures and activities
4) To strengthen participation in and contribute to Codex standards setting activities

5) To understand Cambodia’s national standardization structure and activities and support to strengthen the same

6) To discuss and consider national road  map for strengthening national standard setting structure and procedures in Cambodia

The training course methodology was consisting of lectures, sharing of other country experiences followed by discussions and  group work. The training course was attended 32 national participants from several Ministries of Cambodian Government, such as Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Tourism and Ministrty of Economy and Finance and 4 international resource persons. It was operated by generous support of Camcontrol (Ministry of Commerce) and FAO Cambodia.

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Information note

List of Participants

Group picture of the training course

Group picture 2

Photo Gallery

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Newsletter 5th issue

5th issue of the newletter of the project has been issued at 5 December 2013.

Main Contentsof the 5th issue are as follows;

•Report of Recent Events

-2nd Regional Training Course in Hanoi, Vietnam, November 2013

-Newly improved Website of the project

•Forthcoming events

-Preliminary survey on edible insects

-National training course in Cambodia

•From Project Team

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Documents and Presentation of 2nd training course

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Please click here to find information of the second regional training course “Regional Training Course: Establishment and Application of Microbiological Criteria”  

Document of 2nd training course


List of Participants

Information note

Group picture of the training

Photo Gallery


Microbiological criteria -an introduction

The revised Codex Principles and Guidelines for the Establishment and Application of Microbiological Criteria Related Foods

Understanding the uses, and limitations, of attributes sampling plan

Statistics of Microbilogical Criteria and Sampling

Operationalising a Performance Objective witha Microbiological Criterion for a Risk-Based Approach

MC for verifying the performance of a food safety control system

Group Exercise

Group exercise documents

(Group exercise matreilas)

example excell file 

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