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The 1st National Training Workshop has been completed successfully in Cambodia.

The FAO National Training Workshop:“Strengthening Food Standard Setting and participation in Codex activities in Cambodia” has been completed at 21 February 2014 in InterContinental Phnom Penh after 2 and half day schedule. The main objective of the training workshop was to enhance capacity for food safety standards setting including contributing to Codex standards work. Specific objectives of this training course were as follows;
1) To understand the importance and principles of SPS/TBT in relation to standards development Agreements
2) To enhance understanding of  basic concept of Codex risk analysis framework and its link to standard development
3) To enhance knowledge about Codex standards setting structure, procedures and activities
4) To strengthen participation in and contribute to Codex standards setting activities

5) To understand Cambodia’s national standardization structure and activities and support to strengthen the same

6) To discuss and consider national road  map for strengthening national standard setting structure and procedures in Cambodia

The training course methodology was consisting of lectures, sharing of other country experiences followed by discussions and  group work. The training course was attended 32 national participants from several Ministries of Cambodian Government, such as Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Tourism and Ministrty of Economy and Finance and 4 international resource persons. It was operated by generous support of Camcontrol (Ministry of Commerce) and FAO Cambodia.

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